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What "Potty" facilites are there for the Service Dogs?


We have two boxes that are each 4ft x 7ft in size with sod in them.  The sod is changed regularily

during the cruise.  The boxes are placed in a discrete, accessible area on one of the outdoor decks.


How does someone who is blind locate the "Potty" boxes?


During the tour of the Ship, we go by each of the "Potty" boxes.  We also place wind chimes

at each box.


What other provisions are made for blind passengers?


Cabin Stewards are made aware that the passenger is blind.  The passenger and the Cabin

Steward arrange a place in the stateroom where everything is to be placed, from the daily program

to the Chocolates that would normally be placed on the pillow.  In most cases, Braille menus are

provided.  Readings of the daily program is arranged.  Assistance with forms and escorting

is provided. We make sure that the minibar once arranged is not disturbed and rearranged.


What provisions are made for deaf passengers?


When we have a group of deaf passengers accompany us on the cruise,  we can arrange for

translators to be onboard as well.  By having the translators with our group, our deaf passengers

won't miss out on anything.  There is no additional cost to the passenger for this service.


Will my Service Dog be allowed in the swimming pools onboard the Ship?


Because of Maritime Health Regualtions, our Service Dogs are not allowed in the pools.


What food is provided for the Service Dogs?


Passengers are expected to bring their own food and supplies for their Service Dog.  If you are

unable to bring your own food and supplies for your Service Dog, then most times we can arrange

to have those items purchased locally, placed in the stateroom and charged to your onboard account.


What do I do if I need special medical equipment like a Hoyer Lift?


Most medical equipment can be rented for your voyage through Care Vacations and we will

assist you in everyway possible with any needs you have.


What about the staterooms - are they accessible?


There are accessible staterooms available although not in every category.  If you need an accessible

stateroom, try to make your reservation early as accessible staterooms are limited. 


What about Shore Excursions?  Are they accessible?


There are accessible shore excursions.  We arrange a meeting with the Shore Excursion Staff so that

they can discuss your desires and needs.  They do everything that they can to get accessible transportation

for you and try to get the excursion that you want or make other suggestions.


What happens if I reserve a Shore Excursion and then find out that it is not accessible?


There is no problem.  The Shore Excursion staff will cancel your pre-reserved excursion and credit

your account.


What about airline reservations and transportation to the Ship?


We work with you to find the lowest possible airline flights.  We contact the airline direct and arrange

seating for you and your Service Dog.  We do not charge a service fee for airline reservations to get you

to the cruise.  We can arrange accessible transfers for you to get from the Airport to the Ship and back

to the Airport.


How do I find one of the handlers or other support staff when I need them on the Ship?


You can call the Purser's Desk from any telephone on the Ship.  The Purser has a two way radio

to contact the support team. 


Will a handler take my Service Dog for a walk during the night?


Anytime that you want a handler to walk your Service Dog, all you need to do is pick up the phone

and call.  You can also arrange a set time each day for the handlers to walk your Service Dog.


Is there a charge for the handlers to walk my Service Dog?


There is no charge for the handlers, although they certainly would not object to receiving a

gratuity if you use their services regualrily.


How do I know who is in our Group and who the Handlers, Veterinarian, Support Staff and

Dr. Bergin are?


We normally try to board the Ship as a group, but, that is not always possible.  So, you will be

invited to a Cocktail Party arranged for about  3PM the first day.  This is when you will get to

meet the support staff and other members of the group that you haven't already met.  We will

also have the opportunity to meet the Ship's Staff that will be assisting us during our cruise.


Is Medical and Trip Cancellation Insurance available?


Yes, there is insurance coverage available and we will be happy to guote you the rates.  Rates

vary based on the total cost of the trip.                                        




























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